Amanda Harrington

Associate Lecturer

Amanda Harrington

I am a part-time Associate Lecturer which means I teach here alongside running my own business as a psychologist / consultant.

I am a coach, coach supervisor and work on the practical implementation of the theory and research I teach at Loughborough. It’s a fun combination! Increasingly, I am interested in issues related to changing how we relate to the environment and use of resources. I want to make people laugh about the ridiculousness of how we consume – that is a work in progress! 

I am also a member of Toastmasters – which I recommend to anyone who will listen – a great way to improve how we engage with the people we are talking with. I play golf (really badly), dance Cuban salsa (better than badly) and cook (not bad at all).

It often seems slightly aggravating to me the idea that women get a special day – that we should live in a world that the idea makes any sense at all. But – it does. International Woman’s Day is a day when we can celebrate whatever being a ‘woman’ means to us. Outside of the University, I am running a weekend soon for those of us ‘raised female’ and I love us taking on the challenge of facing all the nonsense that surrounded us as we grew up. None of us really knows what life would be like without the existence of sexism, without the notion that anyone can pre-determine what this or that person might do or not do just because of particular physical differences. That excites me.