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Professor Qiuhua Liang - Inaugural lecture

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High-performance computational hydraulics for natural hazard risk and resilience research

Computational hydraulics involves the development of computer-based methods and techniques for simulation of water flow and transport processes in natural or man-made systems.

It is a multi-disciplinary field involving hydrology and hydraulics, computing science, applied mathematics, data analytics and other relevant engineering subjects.

With the recent advances in modern computing and data acquisition and analysis technologies, computational hydraulics has undergone rapid development in the last two decades and the resulting methods and models have been widely applied to tackle many real-world problems and challenges.

In this lecture, Professor Liang will review the research development in computational hydraulics that spans over the last two decades, seeking how the latest computing and data technologies are harnessed to develop high-performance modelling tools to predict the dynamic processes of different types of natural hazards including eg flooding, tsunami, storm surge and landslide and their impact.

The lecture will also discuss and explore future prospects in relevant research, including multi-disciplinary collaboration in developing coupled human and natural systems (CHANS) for dynamic risk assessment, emergency decision-making and enhancing the resilience of societies/communities to natural hazards.

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