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Mathematics Education Centre seminar

  • 9 December 2020
  • 2pm-4.15pm
  • Online

About this event

The seminar will consist of two presentations and a Q&A session.

Dr Ian Jones, 'Measuring fuzzy constructs using comparative judgement', (Loughborough University)

To advance our field we need to measure important but fuzzy constructs such as conceptual understanding and problem-solving skills. Developing such measures can be resource-intensive and time-consuming and even then the measures are not always robust across contexts.

In this talk they will present alternative methods based on comparative judgement (CJ) that have been developed at Loughborough over recent years. First they will explain what CJ methods are and how they work, then they will present evidence for the efficiency, validity and reliabiltiy of CJ methods for measuring fuzzy constructs. 

They will finish with some how-to guidance and an interactive demonstration of CJ so that you can all have a go.

Their aim is to promote the use of CJ as a method for measuring fuzzy constructs in mathematics education and numerical cognition research.

Assistant Professor Amy Napoli, 'Numeracy at Home: A Pilot Intervention for Parents of Preschoolers', (University of Nebraska–Lincoln)

Early interventions that target parent-child numeracy practices may be an effective way to promote early numeracy skills in young children. The aim of this study was to pilot a home numeracy environment (HNE) intervention with parents of preschool-aged children (M age = 3.90 years).

The intervention was designed to incorporate practices that have been shown to improve children’s numeracy development, in addition to a number of practices that have been shown to lead to effective outcomes for parenting interventions more broadly.

The study provides initial evidence that a brief HNE intervention is feasible for parents to implement and may be effective in improving preschool children’s numeracy skills.

The method and results of the study will be shared, as well as plans to conduct a larger study using feedback and information gained during the pilot.

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