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a poster saying 'LANDED' to advertise student exhibition

LANDED exhibition

  • 14 March 2019 - 27 March 2019
  • Various times
  • Shirley Pearce Square (outside Martin Hall), Loughborough University

About this event

Second-year Fine Art students will turn Shirley Pearce Square into a pop-up exhibition space in order to showcase their creative talents and develop their curation skills. 

The students will create group works in four shipping containers that will be temporarily sited in the square. 

The challenge posed to the students was to devise an overarching theme, which could be explored through collaborative works created for each of the containers. These are their responses:

The overall theme of 'Landed' was born out of an initial idea that the containers reminded us of shipping and movement. Products and produce passing across seas, as well as migration; especially those fleeing for asylum to this country, across dangerous waters, to escape war. People arriving in an unknown place, trying to survive and live life. We decided to elaborate on this idea and make it more accessible and relatable to students, as well as allowing for an open interpretation of ‘being’. 

We all follow a similar pattern to this even in our own lives, not knowing where the endpoint is, what or where are we aiming to arrive at, and how we travel and navigate through this fast-paced world. The expectations placed upon us, the connections and people that become involved and affect our lives. This overarching idea of the journey and ‘being’ has been broken down into four categories: 

1: Unknown
2: Interaction
3: Journey
4: Expectation

Please come and join us to see where the Unknown, Interaction, Journey, of Expectation … LANDED.

Exhibition opening hours are as follows:
Friday 15 and Saturday 16 March: 11am-3pm 
Monday 18 and Wednesday 20 March: 11am-3pm
Thursday 21 March: 12pm-3pm
Friday 22 March: 11am-3pm
Monday 25 and Wednesday 27 March: 11am-3pm

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