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Inaugural Lecture: Professor Sophia Jowett

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In this lecture, Professor Jowett will discuss research that spans over 20 years seeking to both understand and foster change within coaching through the coach-athlete relationship lenses.

The links between relationship and leadership will also be drawn while considering the past, present and future of coaching-related research and practice. 

In sport, coaching can make or break individuals and entire teams. Coaching, as an interpersonal process, involves at its core the dyadic coach-athlete relationship.

The quality of this unique two-person relationship is instrumental for coaches' and athletes’ personal fulfilment and performance success.

Moreover, these dyadic relationships have the power to shape the broader performance environment within which coaches and athletes operate.

Good quality relationships underpinned by trust, respect, reliance, responsiveness, are more likely to contribute to innovative and safe environments whereas poor quality relationships underpinned by distrust, dishonesty, rejection, doubt are more likely to contribute to useless and toxic environments. Relationships are central to growth and development and thus essential to effective and successful coaching.

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