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IAS Lecture - Inclusive disaster risk reduction: From national policies to practice

  • 28 January 2019
  • 11:30am-1pm
  • WPT 005, West Park Teaching Hub

About this event

The event will focus on inclusion in disaster risk reduction policy and practice. 

Inclusion has indeed become a key concept in all policy documents and guidelines designed to reduce the risk of disaster both at the national and international levels. 
Fostering inclusive disaster risk reduction is however a challenging proposal that often entails challenging existing cultural norms, social structures and political setups. In practice, it thus proves difficult to implement without a genuine and continuing dialogue between an array of stakeholders, including national governments. 
Observations on the ground show that such dialogue does not always occur, henceforth often limiting inclusion to the rhetoric of policy intentions. 
This lecture will focus on these challenges and opportunities for inclusive disaster risk reduction. It will include an interactive lecture by JC Gaillard followed by responses from a couple of invited guests, i.e. Maureen Fordham/ Ilan Kelman (University College London) and Emma Lovell (Overseas Development Institute).


JC Gaillard is an associate professor at the University of Auckland. His work focuses on developing participatory tools for engaging minority groups in disaster risk reduction with an emphasis on ethnic and gender minorities, prisoners, children and homeless people. JC is co-editor of the journal Disaster Prevention and Management. 

Lunch will be provided afterwards in the exhibition area.

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