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This Is Just What I Saw exhibition

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Dr Sarah Mills (reader in Human Geography, at Loughborough University) and artist Katarina Hruskova have produced a mixed media installations comprising of printed textile and spoken word.

The research explored the legacy of influential art educator and pioneer of child art movement Marion Richardson, through a series of workshops with groups of school children, as well as children and young adults in alternative learning environments. 

Richardson used the term ‘Mind Pictures’ to describe images which ‘came spontaneously to the mind’s eye’ without any further instruction. In this exercise she simply encouraged pupils to close their eyes and paint ‘whatever they saw’, stimulating individual vision and trust in one’s own expression.

Drawing and painting from a description was more structured; Richardson set a scene using detailed verbal description, which pupils would then re-create in their drawing or painting.

The final installation will present these collective images which have been reproduced onto the surface of carpets, encouraging the viewer to sit down, listen to the stories behind the patterns and consider the malleable relationship between image and language.

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