This Light of Mine and Tell Me With Your Heart

By Yasmin Nwofor

What do you study and what year are you in?
Natural Sciences - Third Year (Part C)  
Tell us a bit more about your work

'This Light of Mine' and 'Tell Me With Your Heart' are eclectic poetry and prose anthologies. Both works were created and published during the pandemic, naturally the collections are authentic and vulnerable. My poetry speaks to the art that we create when we allow for our heart to be the guiding hand, calling for honesty of expression with others and most especially with ourselves!

How did you start out?

I started out by writing as and when it came. I began with little intention regarding the outcome, merely for pleasure and as an emotional release. My poetry was helping me to understand my own journey and I was really enjoying sharing snippets with family and friends! Writing a book had seemed like quite a far off goal, until I decided to get started and see it through! 

What inspires you?

For me, the books are an eclectic collection because I'm drawing inspiration from so many sources! Often I'll immerse myself in an experience, a feeling or a song and put pen to paper. In times of a 'creative block' I'll focus on subtleties like a particular colour or song lyric and see what flows! I am inspired by loved-ones and memories as I try to capture these moments within the lines and rhymes of my poems.  

Is championing Black businesses important to you and if so why?

Championing black-owned businesses is especially important in industries where we see underrepresentation. Diversifying literature elevates the voices of black people and encourages a better understanding of cultures and experiences. 

What advice would you give people who want to start a business or go freelance, but feel unsure?

In my case, there were no risks involved as I was writing in my free time and whoever enjoys my poetry can purchase my books. To those who may be concerned or unsure, I would suggest minimising any risks. From deciding whether it is financially viable and 'safe' to doing your research and getting in touch with someone who has successfully followed a similar path.  

Where can we buy your books?
Both of my books can be found on Amazon, and can also be purchased through my instagram page @yasminnwofor should you prefer!  
How can we keep up-to-date with your work?  
My instagram page is the best place to follow my journey! @yasminnwofor  


morning blues 
teeter on the southern wind 
the record playing in my neighbour's  
telling tales of melancholy  
the sax cries out in A-minor  
12 bars comprising a love  
seven years short  
he flips the jazz to the B-side  
none finer than Davis and Montgomery 
to flood the streets  
of this  
the loneliest road