Life Beacon

By Ruby Appiah-Campbell

What do you study and do for a job at Loughborough?

I am a full-time Doctoral Researcher based in the School of Business and Economics, a University Teacher, a Research Assistant working on a British Academy funded project, and a Sub-Warden for Cayley Hall. 

Tell us more about Life Beacon 

Life Beacon is a registered charity organisation that educates and mentors young people to make the right decisions in developing their skills and empowers them to reach sustainable lives to participate in society as independent, mature, and responsible individuals. We are particularly focused on young people from the BAME and underrepresented ethnic backgrounds.  

We work with pre-university students in their next steps to higher education. For those in the University, we support them in overcoming any form of cultural barriers to maximise the opportunities and resources available. We also undertake projects such as “Back to School”, where we donate school items to underprivileged kids worldwide.  

We currently collaborate with Loughborough Students’ Union to undertake three of our projects. We also work with some of the Professional Services within the University to provide them with feedback from students.  

Our most recent partners are the Rotary Club of Hendon, Canva Graphic Design Company, Amazon Smile and De Lisle College. 

What inspires you? 

What inspires me is to see young people from the BAME and underrepresented ethnic backgrounds advance in their education, achieve an aspired career, impact others, and achieve a sustainable lifestyle.

Is championing Black-owned organisations important to you and if so, why? 

This is important because these Black-owned organisations inspire young people from the black community, give them another mentor to look up to, and provide them the hope to work hard to achieve their aspirations, irrespective of their background or race. 

What advice would you give to others who want to start their own business or not-for-profit organisation?

I would advise them to decide on what is important to them and get focused on it by starting on a small scale, without waiting to get everything in place. They should build resilience and seek help whenever possible as the journey can be lonely most of the time.

Who and where can people use Life Beacon’s services?

Young people from secondary schools, colleges and Universities can use our services. Also, educational institutions, individuals, or organisations looking for consultation or collaboration work to support young people from the BAME and the underrepresented ethnic backgrounds can use our services, which are driven by knowledge from research.

How can people find out more about Life Beacon? 

To find more about Life Beacon, please visit  or our LinkedIn profile.

Is there anything else you want us to know about you or your work? 

I would like to use this platform to invite the Loughborough alumni community and staff members who may be interested in collaborating with Life Beacon in supporting the education of BAME and underrepresented young people to contact me via email at or  
Also, I want to invite all Loughborough students to volunteer with LSU to undertake the LSU Action- Life Beacon 21/22 project by joining the dedicated Facebook page.