By Nshuti Bushayija

What do you study and what year are you in?
I study Management at Loughborough University; I am in the first year of my course. 
Tell us a bit more about your work 
1000Hearts is a clothing line, however we aren’t your regular apparel business. Each release is carefully curated, every design intricately detailed. In our designs lie a deeper message purposed to resonate with the emotional and cultural side of the human experience. Our clothes embody the gritty, raw energy of streetwear and harness into an opulent, explorative experience for all our consumers.  
How did you start out? 
I had a vision, being surrounded, and exposed to so much art, style, and aesthetic cultivated a creative passion within me. I was always enamoured with what my favourite music artists and celebrities would wear, how they wore it and their general taste of fashion. I would copy and integrate what I liked from each of my fashion inspirations into my own wardrobe. From white T-shirts, to oversized basketball jerseys, and stacked, baggy jeans from 2000s RnB golden era and even notable Italian designer brands I was infatuated by everything. I always made it a point to never restrict myself to one lane of fashion. 1000Hearts is the product, the combination of all scenes of fashion into one.  
What inspires you? 
The creative process, seeing a vision come to life. The sketching, the fact that I am creating art. The imparting of my own experiences into every design I create. I love creating an experience for people, when people wear my clothes, I want them to feel the emotional importance ingrained in it, the marketing behind it, the aesthetic, the message. All of it inspires me.  
Is championing Black businesses important to you and if so, why? 
Most definitely. Black Business is so important, we have so much economical power that if we were to focus it on our own enterprises, our potential is limitless. We could empower our own, hire our own, channel our own views and champion our own ideas in product releases. By supporting our own people, we have the chance to create environments that value us and are designed for us and allow us to be our true, unaltered selves. 
What advice would you give people who want to start a business or go freelance, but feel unsure? 
Start. Stop trying to aim for perfectionism. Just start. You’ll learn so much more and make way more progress by just engaging in the process rather than intricately planning every step along the way. There will be bumps in the road, but you will overcome them. Just keep going. Never stop.  
Where can we buy your products and keep up to date with your work?  
Our site is 1000hearts.co.uk, however with each release the website is accessible via password, which to find out, follow @1000Heartss on Instagram. Our next release is coming out very soon, we’ll be releasing all information about our drop on our Instagram, so be sure to check it out.