By Demie Anukem

What do you study at Loughborough and what year are you in?   

I study Information Management and Business and I am in my final year.   

Tell us about Vintsol 

Vintsol is a niche luxury fashion brand. We’ve worked to create a brand that embodies versatility, class and individuality. We’ve taken a lot of inspiration from our favourite eras and mixed that with modern-day fashion. We are four sisters on a mission to make our mark on the fashion industry, bringing together our vision to make something incredible. Vintsol was built on the foundations of diversity and sisterhood. 

How did you get started?   

Vintsol was founded by my four sisters and I - Ony, Nemie, Demie and Ebere (in age order) with backgrounds in fashion design, marketing, software engineering and business. Our diverse range of skills allows us to work in a cohesive, collaborative and creative manner. Growing up in London with our Nigerian heritage we had a multitude of influences which gave us a unique perspective to the world of fashion. Fashion has always been an integral part of our lives; we grew up being heavily influenced by our stylish mother - who was always ready to break fashion boundaries and loved sourcing iconic pieces. Shopping trips with her allowed us to explore and develop our personal styles from a young age.   

What inspires you?  

A big inspiration for me is 'Impact'. The impact that we are having on our customers, the impact we are having on our generation, and the impact we could have on the fashion industry. Starting Vintsol has filled me with a new sense of purpose and the potential of the legacy we could leave behind is my biggest motivator and inspires me personally.  

Is championing Black-owned businesses important to you and if so, why?  

Supporting Black-owned businesses is something that is very important to me. I regularly go out of my way to find black-owned brands to purchase from, a lot of the time they are offering something different and niche that you wouldn’t typically find on the mainstream market. In addition, I know that a lot of black-owned businesses are self-funded and rely heavily on the revenue from customer sales to survive; stats reveal that less than 0.24% of venture capital is invested in Black businesses in the UK. This is just a slight indicator of how difficult it is for these brands to survive let alone thrive – supporting a black-owned business could truly make a difference    

What advice would you give people who want to start a business or go freelance, but feel unsure?  

My advice would be to start, put any doubts to the back of your mind and take the first step. The journey won’t be easy, but I can guarantee you that it will be worth it!  

Where can people buy your products?  

Where can people follow you?   

Instagram -  


Twitter - @vintsol