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The Centre has adopted 14 research programme areas within which Olympic research projects will be developed. The programme areas will build on existing networks of national and international collaborators to develop projects of academic and policy relevance with a distinct focus.

COS&R's Research Approach

The priorities of COS&R in relation to the development of an approach to research are as follows:

1. To identify and adopt research themes / programmes which are of academic interest, and / or policy relevance for the Olympic Movement, and to seek to promote research projects and publications in these programme areas.

2. To develop an inclusive approach to developing research potential in the Olympic area within the University and the UK context.

3. To develop opportunities for collaborating with internationally renowned researchers in the field.

4. To strive to maintain standards of international excellence in terms of the quality of research work undertaken and published under the auspices of COS&R.

5. To seek to generate funds which will help to resource the research activities and enhance the profile of the Centre and the School.

Programme Area Coordinator
Olympic Organisations Management, Governance and Policy Dr. Leigh Robinson / Dick Palmer
Elite Sports Systems  
Olympism and Youth Sport Dr. Mary Nevill
Olympic Sport - stadia, place and space Dr. Alan Bairner
Gender and Olympism Dr. Anita White / Professor Ian Henry
Olympic Sport and Multiculturalism Dr. Mahfoud Amara
Olympism and Sport for All  
Paralympic Sport Dr. Ken Black / Di Bass
Politics and Olympism Professor Ian Henry
Marketing and the Olympics Dr Guillaume Bodet
Economic, Finance and Impacts of the Games Dr Paul Downward
Drugs Policy and Ethics Professor Barrie Houlihan
Olympic Education and the Cultural Olympiad Jan Paterson
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