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TRIP: An international symposium exploring the role and relevance of traditional ‘hand skills’ in contemporary textiles, and the value and status of craft process.
Textile Research Group Event
School of the Arts - Loughborough University
Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th November 2011

Technology such as digital embroidery, print and jacquard, laser and rapid prototyping are valuable assets in textile manufacturing but can be limiting and may restrict or exclude creative spontaneity in the design process, development, and production. This may lead to a more superficial approach to the origination of the designs and artefacts, inhibiting conceptual content and promoting mechanical and uniform characteristics where irregularity and subtle variety are less evident in the final textile outcomes. In contrast to this, in relation to traditional processes, human inconsistencies and even error could be promoted as positive qualities, leading to innovation through experimentation and may also embed a desirable degree of character into the textiles. The unexpected can contribute a visual and conceptual depth that is exciting and potentially unique. Within this context the hand-made has acquired a new value and respect in recent years.

Through a series of illustrated presentations and panel discussions by leading artists, designers, researchers and technologists, the symposium provided an opportunity for the dissemination of written and visual material and provoked discussion around these central themes, seeking to explore and define the role of hand skills and the value of process in contemporary textiles.


Keynote Speakers:

Bradley Quinn
Margo Selby

Emma Henderson (Matthew Williamson)




Kevin Almond
Sonja Andrew

Anne Anicet, Pedro Bessa & Ana Broega
Anne Louise Bang

Trish Belford
Dr Gillian Bunce & Fiona Hamblin
Susan Carden
Ruth Clifford
Tina Downes
Marcia Ganem

Susanne Goetz
Jennifer Green
Janet Haigh
Wendy Landry

Ian McInnes

Julia Melo

Melanie Miller
Clio Padovani & Dr Paul Whittaker
Neerja Palisetty
Mark Parker
Maggie Powell

Nick Rodgers
Helen Ryall & Penny Macbeth
Emma Shercliff
Josephine Steed
Angharad Thomas

Katherine Townsend

Sue Turton
Hitoshi Ujiie
Allison Waite
Kerri Wallace
Prof Martin Woolley & Robert Huddlestone