Drawing and Visualisation Research
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  • To what extent can the use of a sketchbook aid visual understanding?

    In what ways can a sketchbook liberate ideas and promote speculative enquiry?

    Increasingly, the paper-based sketchbook is being augmented by many creative practitioners, with alternative portable platforms such as tablets and mobile phones.

      Can new technology successfully mirror the functionality and versatility of the traditional sketchbook?
      Can such technologies extend the functionality and versatility of creative practitioners’ sketchbook practice?

    Sketchbooks are often seen as a window into a creative practice, suggesting a moment of truth, realisation or unbridled thought. But how true is this and how can we gauge a sketchbook’s authenticity?

    In formal art education, how important is the use and promotion of sketchbooks as a visual resource?

    Do students working at different levels (e.g. Secondary School or University) share a fundamental premise as to the usefulness of sketchbooks in aiding understanding?

    Note this is a research theme concerning sketchbooks. For examples of contributors sketchbooks visit here