• Drawing, Migration and Cultural Memory; Critical Narrative of an Artist: Asmita Sarkar
  • As a visual artist I have spent most of my life in India, the decision to study art at Masterís level, in north-east of Scotland was an extreme one. During my Master project I chose figurative, realist drawings and painting as my subject matter. For reasons beyond my apparent understanding my drawings became stronger, more intense and took on a particular surrealistic characteristic. The drawings that I have produced in Scotland have some subtle eastern influence, but its appeal transcends direct cultural reference. In the course of my project development I came in contact with the relevant literature and theories concerning drawing, line and mark makings.

    Asmita Sarkar

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    Biographical information

    Asmita Sarkar

    After moving to UK, my first instinct was to draw human being. Away from friends, and family, I tried to capture new- found acquaintance sí faces and gestures in paper. Those scribbles were done with reverence and longing. Some of these figurative drawings are of people whom I have left in India, and done from Memory. It was my own way of reaching out to the aesthetics of relationship. This way at first I truly realized that drawing is indeed an art-form of internal necessity

    Asmita Sarkar
    e‐mail: asmitasarkar39@yahoo.co.uk
    website: http://asmitasarkar.wordpress.com/


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