Drawing In Space
    Gagandeep Singh

    This project became all about knowing a space. Through drawing from observation, using a digital Interface (iPad applications), making notes in a blog, working with new materials, the process became a way of carrying forward different ways of thinking through drawing. The project lasted for about three weeks in which I worked in a near empty house.

    Max Velmans mentions: Knowledge in this objective sense is totally independent of anybody’s claim to know; it is also independent of anybody’s belief, or disposition to assert, or assert, or to act. Knowledge in the objective sense is Knowing without a knower; it is knowledge without a knowing subject. (Max Velmans) I realized that the process of walking outside the working area, of wanting to not create works but feel, experience some sense of shift in the room, which does not conclude anything became a way of working.

    Drawing In Space: Gagandeep Singh

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    Biographical information

    Gagandeep Singh
    MA fine arts
    University for the Creative Arts, UK

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