Drawing In The Reality Of Space
    Charley Peters

    Drawing can articulate our relationship to space and location, and the experiential act of drawing in-situ is central to how we record the world and our encounters with it. Experiences of drawing on location also allow an exploration of the nature of drawing itself, its relationship with materials, processes and the drawing surface. This paper explores the proposition, through practice-based research, that the reflexive process of drawing affords an expression of embodied relational knowledge and can reveal a ‘subjective truth’ , drawing parallels to phenomenological ideas of being and consciousness.

    Trace: Caroline Ali

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    Biographical information

    Charley Peters

    Engaging with labour intensive and process-based practices, Charley Peters’ work exists within the expanded field of drawing. Charley Peters completed a PhD in Fine Art Theory and Practice in 2006 and currently holds an academic post at University of the Arts London. In 2012 she was shortlisted for the Salon Art Prize and the Beers Lambert Award for Emerging Artists. In January 2013 she was Artist in Residence at the Centre for Drawing, Wimbledon College of Art.

    Charley Peters
    University of the Arts London

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