Drawing and Visualisation Research
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  • Fast Thoughts - Yelena Popova, September 2008.

    MIRRORING DYSLEXIA - The drawings of John Court By Steve Pratt, July 2008.

    Little Manifesto - Dali Polivka & Marian Paukov, February 2003
    We live in the end of the era of fossil art and the beginning of the solar era...

    Is 'visual language' anything more than a figure of speech? - Jack Saorsa, October 2001

    Is 'visual language' anything more than a figure of speech? - George Whale, September 2001

    The Drawing Network - Bob Steele, September 2000
    A former professor of art education at the University of British Columbia, Bob Steele has devoted much of his retirement to The Drawing Network, an organization set up to proselytize the notion that for children, drawing is a strong aid to gaining literacy.

    Is Drawing a Language? - Phil Sawdon, July 2000
    Just a few words: Is Drawing a Language? Phil Sawdon and The New Collins Concise English Dictionary.

    Visual Literacy - Karen Raney, September 1997
    This paper discusses how indeterminacy differs from perceptual ambiguity; how we deliberately use perceptual ambiguity to seek out alternative meanings and how indeterminacy in drawing supports different modes of thought and helps us to move between them. The author also discusses her broad inquiry into the term 'visual literacy'.


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