• Deleuzian Dolls: Subverting mother/daughter identities through intergenerational collaborative drawing: Linda Knight
  • This paper explores concepts of desire and rhizomatic working through a series of intergenerational collaborative drawing episodes. Particularly, mother/daughter relationships are examined via drawings created by the author and her young daughter. Drawings hold on their surface unpredictable connections to things experienced, known, conceptualized and imagined.

    In the context of this paper desire is seen to drive adults and children into expressing and making a mark, to make an imprint. Here, the prompts that inform a drawing are regarded as a rhizomatic network of chaotic actions and thoughts that connect each drawer to the tools, the paper and each other in unpredictable and mutable ways. The paper concludes by discussing how these intergenerational collaborative drawing episodes offer opportunities to re-imagine relationships, communications and learning in early childhood education.

    Deleuzian Dolls: Subverting mother/daughter identities

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    Biographical information

    A visual arts researcher and practitioner, Linda’s work focuses on a/r/tographic research methodologies, philosophies and theories of early childhood education, and drawing practices.

    Key research includes using Deleuzian theories around dreaming and desiring to explore intergenerational collaborative drawing in early childhood education contexts, and to contest mother daughter relationships; juxtaposing painting with issues relating to the accruing of visual art teaching practices; and exploring how the arts help to develop a ‘critical eye’ for navigating and critiquing contemporary cultures.

    Dr Linda Knight
    University of Canberra
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