• Teaching How To Draw. Technology And Its Repercussions On Contemporaneity.

  • Paula Tavares, Marta Madureira, and Pedro Teixeira.

    Nowadays, the use of technology is inescapable, namely in areas of drawing, where the increasing use of digital tools has today a key role in the creative process. The aim of this text, initially, is to reflect on various questions in the scientific area of drawing in contemporaneity, since its education to its application in practice. In a second phase, understanding the relation between tradicional practices to digital systems, using multimedia as a paradigm since, in order to make clear the drawing evolution in the surrounding areas, as illustration and animation, where the use of technology through graphics software, is fundamental to the new graphic manifestations. Our intention is to explore, however briefly, the production of images within the vast world of drawing and visual arts, highlighting the essential role of new technology offerings, crucial for its growth.


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    Biographical information

    Paula Tavares
    Marta Madureira
    Pedro Teixeira
    Department of Design, School of Technology
    Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave, Portugal
    LIPP - Image Lab, Production and Perception

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