• Drawing in a Digital World: A self-reflective critical analysis of the creative output of John Roome.

  • John Roome

    The paper will adopt a reflective approach to my practice as a fine artist, exploring the interface between "new" and "old" technologies. I will provide a brief historical context by referring to the work of selected artists who work at the interface between "new" and "old" media. I will trace my creative process in making a body of works which used computer drawings as a starting point. The influence of the "new" technology of computer drawing on the "old" technology of woodcut will be examined in relation to my creative process. I will reflect on various critical responses to my work with a view to further developments.

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    Biographical information

    John Roome
    Senior lecturer and practicing artist
    Department of Fine Art and Jewellery Design
    Durban University of Technology
    South Africa

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