From Drawing to Computing and Back Again
    Angela Eames

    Being is not unlike drawing - drawing exists.
    Drawing is not unlike painting - painting involves uncertainty.
    Painting is not unlike running - running can be transcendent.
    Running is not unlike working - working allows for strategy.
    Working is not unlike programming - programming favours reason.
    Programming is not unlike thinking - thinking is not static.
    Thinking is not unlike drawing - drawing is being.

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    Biographical information

    Angela Eames
    Camberwell College of Arts

    Angela Eames is a drawer and lecturer. She gained an MA in Fine Art at the Slade School of Art in 1976, an MA in Computing in Design at Middlesex University in 1992 and is completing a PhD in Drawing (by creative practice) at Wimbledon School of Art. Her research is concerned with extending drawing practice in the development of new approaches to drawing in relation to technological developments. She currently teaches on the new Drawing Degree course at Camberwell College of Arts and is participating as part of a consortium of colleges engaged in new teaching and learning aids in drawing (CD-Rom). She has been working within drawing and computing specifically since 1987 and has exhibited work (from drawings in graphite on paper, through large format digital imaging, through to video pieces) in this country and abroad.

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