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Knowledge Transfer Partnerships are collaboarations between Universities and Companies to facilitate Technology Transfer from the academic partner to the industrial partner. The scheme is funded by the Department of trade and Industry (DTI) predominantly for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and employs recent graduates, located in the Company and supervised by the University. Schemes provide training for the individual KTP Associates which may include registration for a higher degree. Some examples within the Mechatronics Group are:

  Tritex International
A programme of work with Tritex concerning a new generation of knitting machines with novel high speed mechatronic activators. TCAs Sylvia Murmelstein, Darren Hale, both of whom registered for higher degrees. The programme integrated design and production aspects. Supervisors Dr Memis Acar and Dr Mike Jackson from MRC, with Mr A Hodgson from the Department of Manufacturing Engineering.
  Coba Plastics Ltd
Coba Plastics manufacture Coba Mat which aids in reducing foot and leg stress in the work environment when operatives spend much of their time standing. Production of the mat (by a weaving process) was resulting in RSI injuries. An automated machine was designed and proven. TCA Toby Hill registered for a higher degree. Supervisor Mr Andy Taylor aided by Prof Rob Parkin.
  Feedback Instruments Ltd
Feedback Instruments manufacture a range of didactic equipment for worldwide sale. TCAs Laura Georghe-Pickford and Martyn Langfield worked on Hardware in the Loop controlled via MATLAB and on a Mechatronics Workbench - epitomised by the Buggy Kit [PDF] which enables students to design and construct a range of mobile robotic vehicles. Supervisors Prof Rob Parkin, Dr Mike Jackson, Mr Andy Taylor.
  Annec Technology
Annec are involved management of rail infrastructure assets. Part of this involves the use of a special tracked vehicle to travel the railways and record all infrastructure using video, GPS and many other sensors. The programme involves the design and construction of a sensing device to scan the inside of tunnels and other structures to enable the maximum envelope for rail traffic. Supervised by Dr David Kerr and Dr Kaddour Bouazza-Marouf.

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