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The AVRC specialises in research related to visual tasks and activities. This can take many forms but essentially can involve any process in which human vision is an important aspect, including human interface design, visual search and screening tasks, and the assimilation of visually presented information. The human visual system is a complex one involving both physiological and psychological elements and as such it can be dangerous to predict or make assumptions about the way in which people 'see' things without the use of properly constructed research and testing methodologies.

For an introduction to vision and eye movements follow this link

The projects below are examples of some of our work in the field of vision-related research (see also our other fields of research and projects for vision research in specific fields):

EPAULETS - we are developing a novel system that incorporates eye-tracking technology in order to help train airport baggage screeners in their visual search/screening tasks associated with luggage x-rays

National Gallery - work performed with the National Gallery as part of their millennium 'telling time' exhibition. We undertook the worlds largest eye-movement experiment, involving people's visual interaction with images of some of the gallery's paintings.

MEDUSA - we are soon to begin an exciting new study into detection of individuals carrying guns by means of automated CCTV analysis of people's visible characteristics

British Academy support - The British Academy were kind enough to partly fund the first year of a PhD studentship associated with the National Gallery project.


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