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Applied Vision is part of the Faculty of Science. By following this link to Loughborough University's central repository for reports and published articles you can search reports and publications by key-word or browse them by title, author or date of publication:
Loughborough University Institutional Repository - Faculty of Science

Applied Vision has recently moved from within the Ergonomics and Safety Research Institute (ESRI) and into the department of Computer Science - both of which are within the Faculty of Science. Should you wish to restrict your search to either of these sub-categories there are links to both of these departments on the above page.


Comprehensive listings for Applied Vision and its projects

For more comprehensive details on a wider range of Applied Vision's publications, presentations, news items, press releases and reports etc. please visit our project pages. Many of our projects have listings relevant to them, and in some cases the items listed are available online. See Research and Projects,



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