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List Owner: Kimball Collins (
Subscription: Send email to with the following words in the subject header:
cogneuro: send info


COLORCAT is a forum for the discussion of color categorization. This forum explores how the color continuum is partitioned into categories by various human processes. Our approach is multi-disciplinary and draws from color studies in anthropology, linguistics, philosophy, psychology, and cognitive science.

List Owner: David L. Miller (
Subscription: send email to containing the words:
SUB COLORCAT yourfirstname yourlastname


CVNet is restricted to people doing research in color science and/or biological vision. The purpose of this is to limit breadth of the network.

There is an archive associated with this list.

Subscription (WORLD, excluding UK):
send email to the list owner at (indicating your interests and institutional affiliation). N.B. It is not possible to subscribe to CVNet by issuing a subscribe command. Subscription (UK):
send email to beginning with the line:
join cvnet-uk Firstname Lastname
Unsubscription (UK):
If you want to leave cvnet-uk, send email to with the single line:
leave cvnet-uk


The EYEMOV discussion group is a network of 265 investigators (24 countries) interested in eye movements. The network was formed in October, 1991 based on the list of participants at the Sixth European Conference on Eye Movements held at Catholic University, Leuven, Belgium. Many additional subscribers have joined after contact by direct mail or by recommendation from colleagues. Postings have included announcements of meetings, calls for papers, teaching and post-doctoral positions, as well as requests for technical information and literature on eye movements.

List Owner: Dennis Carmody (
Subscription: send email to with the following in the message text:
sub eyemov-l First LastName

There is an archive associated with this list.


Covering issues pertinent to research on eye-movements.

There is an archive associated with this list.

List Owner: David Wooding (
Subscription: either send email to containing the words:
join eye-movement firstname lastname
visit the web page at


Color and Vision Discussion Forum - a discursive companion to CVNet

There is an archive associated with this list.

Unsubscription: send email to LISTSERV@VM1.YORKU.CA containing the words:
signoff live-eye


MPSYCH-L is an e-mail list maintained by the Society for Mathematical Psychology to facilitate the distribution of information of value to persons interested in mathematical psychology. The Society has a number of members who are deeply involved in vision research, notably color vision, but I have to say that the bulk of our membership has research interests elsewhere. Nonetheless, those who use this resource might have some interest in being able to locate persons experienced in mathematical modelling of visual perception.

List Owner: Bob Stout (
Subscription: send email to containing the words:
subscribe mpsych-l firstname lastname


This list is open for discussions, announcements and questions related to the field of Ophthalmogenetics (Genetics of the eye). Subscribers are clinical geneticists, molecular biologists, ophthalmologists, (medical or biology) students and other individuals interested in the field.

List Owner: Dr. A.A.B. Bergen (
Subscription: send email to containing the words:
subscribe Oph-gen first_name last_name
Unsubscription: send email to containing the words:
signoff Oph-gen


Optimal is a list covering issues of Ophthalmic Photography.

List Owner: Marshall E. Tyler (
Subscription: Send email to containing the words:
sub optimal first-name lastname, affiliation


Members receive two types of item from PSYCOLOQUY:
(a) issues of the electronic journal Psycoloquy
(b) calls for reviews and commentary on books and BBS articles

List Owner: Steven Harnad (
Subscription: send email to Listserv@pucc.bitnet containing the words:


For scientists and clinicians interested in all aspects of the human pupil and iris, and hosts general discussions, as well as broadcasting conference and meeting information, discussion of methods, models, apparatus, etc.

Web Page:
List Owner: Dr. Peter Howarth (
Subscription: send email to containing the words:
Unsubscription: send email to containing the words:


A discussion list on Retinitis Pigmentosa.

List Owner: Arthur Bergen (BERGEN@AMC.UVA.NL)
Subscription: send containing the words:
subscribe RET-PIG


The list is intended to embrace discussion on a wide range of vision topics, including physiological theory, computer vision, machine vision and image processing algorithms, vision techniques to support robot navigation and spatial representation, artificial intelligence and neural network techniques applied to vision, industrial applications, robotic eyes, implemented systems, ideas, profound thoughts; anything related to vision and its automation is fair game.

The Vision List is also distributed as the newsgroup, and the mailing list is designed for those who cannot access this newsgroup. Use of the newsgroup greatly reduces net bandwidth and makes things easier for you and the moderator.

There is an archive and a web site associated with this list.

List moderator: Phil Kahn (
Subscription: send email to Phil Kahn at


A couple of points about mailing lists:

Please ensure that your subscribe, unsubscribe and file getting commands all go to the correct address. This is invariably a different address to the one which allows you to send mail out to everyone on the list. If in doubt, first try emailing queries to listname-request@address

Many lists are operated from machines running the LISTSERV software. Two useful help files are GEN, an introduction to LISTSERV for general users, and REF, a reference card of Listserv commands. To obtain copies of GEN and REF, send the commands INFO GEN or INFO REF to a listserv machine (NOT to a list directly) e.g. the Listserv at Brown University

This document was originally compiled by our colleague, the late Dr. David Wooding. Applied Vision is now maintaining it.


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