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Applied Vision's vision resources

Applied Vision, Loughborough University maintains various resources including this one, a database of eye-movement equipment (EMED), and mailing lists. See our Vision Resources for more information.


CVNet is not a listserv. However, one can GET member files, help files, and details of meetings and jobs. Individuals must be a member of the list to use the archive, and must send requests from exactly the same address as listed in the Member File. For information send email to containing the words:
Get CVNet Help

EYEMOV List Archives

The EYEMOV list archive is accessible via the web at

Eye-Movement List Archives

Postings to the eye-movement list covering eye-movement monitoring equipment, software, techniques, and other internet-available information are archived. The archive is accessible by the web at:

Live-Eye Archives

Contributions to list LIVE-EYE are automatically archived. A list of the archive files is obtained by sending email to LISTSERV@VM1.YORKU.CA containing the words INDEX LIVE-EYE. These files can then be retrieved by means of a GET LIVE-EYE filetype command, or using the database search facilities of LISTSERV. Send an INFO DATABASE command for more information on the latter.

Sci.image.processing archive

The archived contents of the sci.image.processing newsgroup are accessible in a number of ways, described in more detail in the sci.image.processing FAQ.

Vision List Digest Archives

Back issues of the Vision List digest and some public domain software and imagery is available via anonymous FTP at, or (as a last resort) FTP-by-mail, a public service operated by DEC. For instructions, send email to containing the word:

For those wishing to contribute to the archives with shareware, imagery, or other good stuff of general interest to the community, please contact the maintainer at".

These archives were originally created by the late Dr. David Wooding. Applied Vision is now maintaining them. Please report any updates or broken links to us.


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