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EMED (Eye-Movement Equipment Database)

Applied Vision have maintained a database of eye-tracking equipment at Derby for a number of years. Following the very sad and untimely loss to the scientific community of our colleague, Dr. David Wooding, who maintained the database we are aiming to compile and launch an updated, current version here in the near future.

Any manufacturers or distributors of such equipment wishing to have their details included in the database are welcome to submit information on these. Please use the format given in this contributors form - a text file giving the categories used in the EMED - and email to us using our contact details.

Also see choosing eye-movement equipment and Disclaimer

For the moment here is a simple list of links to manufacturers of eye-movement equipment:



The files which make up the eye-movement equipment database do not claim to be either exhaustive or definitive and have been compiled from various contributions. Whilst every attempt is made to ensure accuracy, the editor(s), list owner(s), site maintainer(s) and contributors can take no responsibility for the veracity of the contents of the files.

Comments relating to particular systems reflect the personal experience or opinions of other users, and should only be taken as such. Similarly, claims of precision of measurements should be taken with a pinch of salt. These are often "ideal" values, and there is also some confusion over which value to quote: an absolute precision (i.e how small an eye-movement can be detected), or a working accuracy (i.e. how accurately the coordinates of fixated points in space are measured). Suggestions on how to standardise this measure are encouraged.



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