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MEDUSA – Multi Environment Deployable Universal Software Application

MEDUSA is concerned with the identification of situations associated with gun related threats, based on behavioural interpretation of CCTV data and through combining psychological and image processing approaches.

The project aims to develop a new machine learning system for the detection of individuals carrying guns through the use of CCTV surveillance networks. The system will combine both human and machine-based factors in achieving this.

MEDUSA is a collaborative project funded by the EPSRC for three years. The Principal Investigator is Professor Alastair Gale of Loughborough University, and partners comprise five UK universities. A full list of partners and project steering group members can be found on the ' Project Partners & Individuals ' page.

The project began in July 2006. The pages within this site give further details of the research and will be updated as it progresses.

To contact the medusa team or the webmaster via email please use this email address: email the AVRC. Alternatively, phone us on +44 (0)1509 635703.


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