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Liquid Based Cytology (LBC)

Cytology screening is an important programme carried out in the UK by the NHS, aiming to detect cervical cancer as early as possible through smear testing and subsequent visual search for cancerous cells, carried out through microscopes.

A new technique is being introduced, referred to as 'liquid based cytology' or 'LBC'. The visual search task on LBC slides differs notably from that with traditional smears as they are almost two dimensional. They utilise colour dyes to stain the cells and this can help to provide visual enhancement and contrast.

The AVRC has been investigating the staining techniques and their results, in an attempt to measure, quantify and judge their performance. It is felt that this will provide a basis for standardising optimum staining procedures and levels as LBC grows in popularity.

Further information will be made available here as results and conclusions are formed.


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