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Please Note:
Work on this project is now completed and the site is no longer being updated. However, Applied Vision is currently pursuing further funding to continue our work in this field


Welcome to Applied Vision's ART project web site

The ART (Attention Responsive Technology) project was run by the Applied Vision Research Centre, at Loughborough University. It was funded by the PACCIT programme and ran from 2004-2007. The ART project aimed to facilitate interaction with an environment by developing a system which responds to users' gaze.

Through innovative research and design coupled with a user-focused approach the ART system will enable interaction with the environment by responding appropriately to the user's 'attention'.

'Attention' is anticipated through means of eye-tracking technology and elements of the environment can subsequently be actuated and controlled by numerous ICT, in-built or aftermarket automated devices. Consequently, the ART development will be particularly valuable for those with impaired mobility, or in situations where conventional controls are problematic or undesirable.

A follow on project (ARTIFICE) funded by the EPSRC has been approved


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