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Kevin Purdy

AVRC Project Manager

(Safety Officer - Garendon Wing)


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Research Groups


Applied Vision Research Centre (AVRC)

Research Interests


Kevin has a background in ergonomics and design. He has interests in the design of systems and processes and their relation with human error and performance, and particularly in optimising design for human perception during visual tasks. His role within the AVRC is essentially one of technical and practical management and support to the head of centre and other staff.


Publications & Dissemination


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Kevin's BSc in Design and Technology lead to an interest and subsequent MSc in ergonomics, obtained at Loughborough University. He then joined professor Alastair Gale and his Applied Vision Research Institute at the University of Derby, where for around a decade he provided a mixture of applied academic and specialist technical support and advice for the professor and his group. During this time Kevin also carried out a variety of consultancy and commercial research work on behalf of the group, particularly in the fields of ergonomic design and eye-tracking.

Subsequently, Kevin moved to Loughborough University with Professor Gale, where his role developed into one of project and technical management for the group, which was now called the Applied Vision Research Centre (AVRC). Initially the AVRC was part of the Ergonomics and Safety Research Institute (ESRI), but more recently moved into the department of Computer Science. By this point Kevin's role had diversified further, essentially coming to comprise guidance, support and central management for Professor Gale, his researchers and his research students in the practical and technical aspects of realising their research goals and aspirations.





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