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Andrea Jenkins

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Applied Vision Research Centre (AVRC)
Ergonomics and Safety Research Institute (ESRI)

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Andrea joined ICE Ergonomics in September 1981 as Information Officer. Later, ICE merged with HUSAT and became the Ergonomics and Safety Research Institute (ESRI), which was then joined for a time by the Applied Vision Research Centre (AVRC). Andrea now devides her time between ESRI and the AVRC, who have since moved into the department of Computer Science.

Andrea's work in Applied Vision involves working on the group's PERFORMS ('Personal Performance in Mammographic Screening) project. This is a self assessment and training scheme run by the AVRC for the UK's National Health Service Breast Screening Programme (NHSBSP). The majority of screening professionals in the UK sit the PERFORMS scheme in two parts each year.

To see Andrea's web page relating to her role within ESRI, please follow this link: Andrea Jenkins in ESRI



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