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The AVRC has a long history of working in the field of health and also in the filed of vision research. As a result of this combination Medical Imaging and Interpretation is something we have been heavily involved in for many years, in disciplines including mammography, ultrasound and microscopy. It is a rewarding field of research, where improvements made to diagnostic performance has a direct link to saving patient's lives.

The projects below are some examples of work we have undertaken, or are currently involved in, that are related to the field of Medical Imaging and Interpretation (see also the MIPS conference):

PERFORMS - a self assessment and training scheme for breast-screening professionals supported by the UK's National Health Service Breast Screening Programme

LBC - research into the colour staining and standardisation of slides in Liquid Based Cytology

GIMI - Generic Infrastructure of Medical Informatics. We are partners in a new research and development project into medical image databases which will utilise GRID infrastructure.

PERFORMS-IE - a scheme for training, assessment or testing of breast screening professionals available world wide.

IMPROVE - an assessment scheme for radiographers undergoing training to be advanced practitioners.


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