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Applied Vision Equipment and Facilities

Applied Vision occupies smart new premises in Holywell Park, a business park next to Loughborough University's main campus. The group has a range of equipment and facilities used in its research and consultancy, including several eye-tracking systems and a variety of audio-visual equipment. The facilities at our disposal help us to choose appropriate techniques for the project in question, which can have direct benefit in the quality of the work.

Activities for which our equipment and facilities are particularly suitable include:

  • Unobtrusive testing, evaluation and eye-tracking of content delivered via computer screens
  • Eye-tracking of individuals moving around within their environment
  • Usability analysis and eye-tracking of customers interacting with hard copy, catalogues, information leaflets etc
  • Discrete video monitoring of customers and users during usability studies into a variety of naturalistic tasks
  • Eye tracking of TV and video content



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