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Commercial and Consultancy work

The AVRC believes in employing its expertise to address the real-life questions and problems of people in need of our help. In addition to our academic work, we therefore engage in specialist collaboration and commercial consultancy work, usually carried out on a bespoke basis.

Bespoke service

Talk to us about what we can do to help you. We offer a range of eye-tracking techniques and human science capabilities that can help you with your problems.

Further information

Below are links to some further information. Please use our contact details for more general enquiries.

Typical Questions We Answer

What aspects of your design are customers really looking at?

Are they missing something?

Do your products, processes or systems have usability issues?

Are customers 'seeing' your web site and advertisements as you intend?

Is your key information achieving the prominence it should?

Are your staff under-performing in an important visual task?

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Ergonomic consultancy work



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