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The AVRC is an applied research group within the Department of Computer Science, itself within the Faculty of Science of Loughborough University. We work in fields such as ergonomics, psychology, vision, health and human error and are particularly concerned with the development, evaluation and improvement of systems, processes and products in which people play an integral role. We believe that it is important to follow credible, scientific methodologies and approaches when investigating the often complex issues of human perception, decision making and interaction at the heart of such roles and in assessing how the situation in which they operate could be influencing them.

Applied Vision Consultancy

The AVRC feels that its expertise should be available to others seeking to address problems and issues in our specialist fields, and so in addition to our normal grant-funded and academic research we also undertake scientific and research work on a commercial, consultancy and collaborative basis (see Consultancy Services).

Applied Vision Background

The AVRC is based in the UK and is headed by Professor Alastair Gale, who has many years of success and experience in the fields of vision sciences, eye-tracking, psychology and ergonomics. The group previously worked within the University of Derby where it formed the Applied Vision Research Unit (AVRU) and later became the Applied Vision Research Institute (AVRI). In 2005 the group then moved to Loughborough University, becoming the Applied Vision Research Centre (AVRC). Initially part of the Ergonomics and Safety Research Institute (ESRI), the AVRC subsequently relocated to the department of Computer Science in August 2008.


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