LISU Tel: +44 (0) 1509 63 5680  Loughborough University is designed as a tool to help parents, teachers and librarians in schools and public libraries to guide children who have already enjoyed stories by one writer to find other authors they will enjoy reading. It answers the dilemma facing those who have exhausted the output from a particular author — “What shall I read next?”

This online version grew out of the very popular printed editions of Who Next...? a guide to children's authors. It is updated on a regular basis and with each writer suggests other authors who write in a similar way. The idea is that you look up one of your favourite children’s authors, then try reading a book by one of the other authors suggested underneath. By moving from one entry to another children can expand the number of writers they enjoy.

Who Next...? is arranged in four age groups: for children aged 5-7, 8-11, 12-14 and 14+ years. It also features:

  • Genres and themes
  • Key book titles and series of titles for each author
  • Graphic novels and titles for dyslexic or struggling readers
  • List of authors included who also write short stories
  • Authors whose titles are sometimes available as talking books and ebooks
  • A list of prize-winning children's books
  • Books and websites for further exploration

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You may also be interested in our sister website, Who Else Writes Like...?, which is designed to help adult readers discover authors new to them and also suggests crossover authors whose novels may be suitable for young people. You can save 15% by subscribing to both and (excludes Australia and New Zealand).

Australia and New Zealand enquiries: please contact our Australian supplier, Digital Education Services, for more information

What users say about the online resource

It is such a fabulous resource. I use it in my library lessons for pupils and also recommend it to staff
(school librarian)

With our ever decreasing pool of librarians it is important for our remaining Library staff to have access to these 2 [Who Next and Who Else] valuable resources
(public library)

Such a good resource and one that will form part of the library lessons for all pupils in school years 7, 8 & 9
(school librarian)

My only regret is that I have only just discovered this site. Am telling all my friends
(public library member)

We find the Who next guide easy to use and extremely useful
(school LRC manager)

I have found this website incredibly useful and have always recommended it to students... I would definitely recommend the site to acquaintances or readers in the future as I firmly believe it's an incredibly valuable tool!
(senior school librarian)


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