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Impact of Library Discovery Technologies


July to October 2013

LISU worked with the Centre for Information Science and Evidence Base (Birmingham City University) on this project, funded by Jisc and UKSG. It sought to establish the extent to which changes in usage statistics for electronic resources may be attributed to the introduction of resource discovery tools. The aim was to obtain a broad overview of the current position with regard to adoption of RDS, as well as assessing the impact for individual libraries and resource providers. A review of relevant literature, a survey of libraries, and case studies of libraries and of resource providers was supplemented by stakeholder interviews to provide a rounded picture of the impact of resource discovery services on libraries. Analysis of data for two years pre- and post‑implementation highlights not only the immediate impact, but illustrates the longer term effects on usage statistics.

Watch a presentation given at the 2014 UKSG Conference about the project and its findings here.

Valérie Spezi, who was a member of the LISU project team, gave a presentation at the 2014 UKSG Conference about the study and its findings.


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