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Registry of Electronic Licences (RELI)


February – June 2009

The Registry of Electronic Licences (RELI) project aimed to establish the user requirements for a Licence Registry able to integrate with the JISC Information Environment. It also aimed to design, build, deploy and test a pilot based on the requirements. The Registry enables key elements of licences to be made available so that a user can be provided with licence information at the point of use without additional human intervention. A licence registry is an essential element in the technical architecture necessary to support such functionality. The Registry proposed enabled those significant licence terms to be made machine interpretable. The project began in April 2007 and ran for two years.

The JISC commissioned LISU and Rightscom to provide additional research for RELI into barriers to take up, with a special focus on issues pertaining to the use of Onix PL standards to express licences in machine‑readable format, and whether there is a demand from stakeholders for a RELI‑type service. The project began in February 2009, and a report was delivered to the JISC in June 2009.





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