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Management of Libraries and Information Services


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Follow the links to individual projects for more information and copies of reports (where available):

Measuring the impact of Scotland's libraries 2017

Review of the 5th framework for public libraries in Wales 2015-17

SMaRT Messenger Pilot Project: NCHA HOST2 2015‑16

Development of a new quality framework for Welsh public libraries 2013‑14

Impact of Library Discovery Technologies 2013

Quality frameworks for public sector library provision in Wales – an options appraisal 2012‑2013

Managing access to the Internet in public libraries 2012‑14

Working together: evolving value for academic libraries 2011‑12

Health Librarianship & Libraries in Ireland 2010‑11

Project LiRA Evaluation 2010‑11

Preparation of content strategy: New Central Library, Southend‑on‑Sea 2010

Scoping Public Libraries' Activities in the area of Health and Well‑being 2009‑10

Registry of Electronic Licences (RELI) 2009

Derwent Library evaluation 2008

Successful Primary School Libraries: case studies of good practice 2008

Options for Assessing Digital Library Performance at the National Library of Scotland 2007‑08

Partnerships for Patients: Patient choice and the public library service 2007

Extending the Coverage of Online Catalogues 2006‑07

Staff Access to ICT in Further and Higher Education 2006

i‑continue ‑ Sustainability of ICT Infrastructure 2006

Value Added and Impact Measurement Programme (VAMP) 2006

Use of Copyright Material in Learning Support 2005‑06

Health & Social Care Information: a review of public information provision in the North East of England 2005

Ladder to Learning and Employment 2004

Mapping of Library and Information Services in the East of England 2004

LibPortal Project 2003‑04

LibPortal: A Case Study of MetaLib 2003‑2004

LibPortal: Case Studies of Portal Implementation in HE libraries 2003‑04

Evidence Based Management in Action 2002‑05

Archived research projects for Management of Libraries and Information Services


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