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Scholarly Journal Prices: Selected Trends and Comparisons

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This report, published with the permission of Oxford Journals, a division of Oxford University Press, documents the results of the Journals Pricing Analysis project, undertaken by LISU for OUP.

The project analysed price data on around 6,000 journals from 12 named scholarly publishers, including OUP, taken over a 5-year period (2000 -2004, plus 1993 as a base year) together with a more detailed analysis of titles in the biomedical field.

It is available free of charge on the web, or may be purchased in print (with colour graphs).

A follow-up project revised and updated the analyses - see Trends in Scholarly Journal Prices 2000-2006.

LISU Occasional Paper No. 34
ISBN 1901786838
Published October 2004 - pp 119 A4
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