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LISU is a national research and consultancy centre which promotes good management practice in information, cultural and academic services, through providing independent advice and support for advocacy and for performance evaluation and enhancement.

  1. To provide library and information services managers and policy makers with the range of tools they need to develop services to their full potential, including authoritative data on the operation of services

  2. To raise awareness of the value of performance evidence in managing and to increase understanding and the application of such evidence

  3. To conduct advanced research that contributes both to the evolution of investigative methods and to the understanding of information, cultural and academic services and the wider knowledge economy

  4. To maintain and enhance LISU’s reputation for quality in data collection and analysis; reliability and authority in data dissemination; and independence and integrity in reporting results

  5. To continue the development of LISU’s field of operations, particularly in cultural services, including museums, galleries and archives, and academic support services
  1. LISU rigorously protects and promotes its reputation for integrity and unbiased reporting of the results of any investigation which it undertakes

  2. LISU consistently develops its collective skills, knowledge and experience and applies enthusiastic commitment to achieving quality in its output

  3. LISU actively contributes to sharing knowledge and extending professional discussion through participation in conferences, scholarly publishing and similar avenues of dissemination

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