The main purpose of these statistics is to give a broad overall perspective of the Library and Information scene in the U.K.

The base year is 1995-96, except where stated otherwise.

In some tables historical data for 1990-91 are included for comparison. Figures in italics are estimates based on incomplete data and feature considerable uncertainty. A dash or blank shows that a statistic is unavailable or not significant. Estimates for special libraries, derived from 1996 research work, are very imprecise.

Contents of the 1997 L.I.S.T.

General Library Statistics (Includes National, Public and Academic Libraries)

Resources and operations; Expenditure; Acquisitions; The profession by occupation; Inter-library lending.

Public Library Statistics

Staff, opening etc.; Use; Category analysis; Public library books borrowed 1995-96; Lending; Loans over 1 million; Archives.

Special Library Statistics

Budgets; Resources; Use of on-line hosts.

National Library Statistics

The British Library.

Academic Library Statistics

Expenditure; Staff and users; Books and periodicals; Use.

School Library Statistics

Operations; Qualifications of staff; Access to IT.

Publishing and Book Trade Statistics

UK publishers revenue; Books published; UK publishers' output; CD-ROM and multimedia CD publishers; Periodical prices; Periodicals circulation; Consumer magazine markets.

Contributors and Related Publications

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