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2002 Library & Information Statistics Tables

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In 2000-01 there were an estimated 2,089 professional librarians in schools - an average of one for every 4,000 pupils. In London and Scotland the ratio is much better - one per 3,100 and one per 2,300 pupils respectively. Overall, 5.8% more librarians in schools were reported this year. In 1999, a survey conducted for the Library Association estimated that there were 6,400 secondary school libraries in the UK. Schools Library Services provided by local authorities spent £37.5 million in 2000-01 - equivalent to £5.54 per pupil. They stock an estimated 24.0 million items, of which 14.2 million (or 59%) were on loan. Additions to stock totalled 2.3 million in 2000-01, giving a replenishment rate of 9.7.

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