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2000 Library & Information Statistics Tables

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Gratitude is due to many organisations who have helped with information and advice, including the following:

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In addition to reports on particular topics, regular LISU publications are:

LISU annual library statistics
Average prices of British academic books
Average prices of USA academic books
A survey of library services to schools and children in the UK
Statistics from the NHS Regional Librarians Group

Some other LISU publications are:

Trend analysis of monograph acquisitions in public and university libraries in the UK
Perspectives of public library use 2
Performance measurement in FE libraries
The impact of non-fiction lending from public libraries
Public library services for visually impaired people
Who else writes like...?
Who next...? a guide to children's authors
Paperbacks in public libraries
Libraries in the workplace

The eighth edition of the L.I.S.T. was published in October 2000.

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