Amsterdam in a World City Network

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Peter J. Taylor (2002): Amsterdam in a World City Network.


This monograph reports the findings of a research project on Amsterdam and its relations with other world cities. Using the "GaWC 100" firms, comparisons in global connectedness are made with a local peer group (Brussels, Luxembourg, Rotterdam and Antwerp) and a global peer group (Chicago, Singapore and Frankfurt).


  1. Prologue
    What we don’t know about Amsterdam
  2. Chapter 1
    Introduction: the taming of the city (modernity)
  3. Chapter 2
    The World City Network Project
  4. Chapter 3
    Amsterdam in the configuration of the world city network
  5. Chapter 4
    The network connectivities of Amsterdam
  6. Chapter 5
    Amsterdam’s hinterworlds
  7. Chapter 6
    Conclusion: Unleashing the city (globalization)
  8. Epilogue
    What we need to know about Amsterdam

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