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Jonathan V. Beaverstock, Michael Hoyler, Kathryn Pain and Peter J. Taylor (2001): Comparing London and Frankfurt as World Cities: A Relational Study of Contemporary Urban Change. London: Anglo-German Foundation for the Study of Industrial Society. 51 pp. ISBN 1 900834 28 6. £15.00


This publication reports the findings of a bilateral research project on changing London-Frankfurt relations with the coming of a single European currency. Based on interviews with key personnel in global financial and business service firms and institutions in both cities, the findings introduce network thinking into consideration of inter-city relations.


  1. London and Frankfurt as world cities
  2. The effects of the euro on business relations between London and Frankfurt
  3. The complexity of London-Frankfurt relations
  4. London-Frankfurt relations in a network society

The publication is available from bookshops or can be ordered directly from YPS.

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