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Benchmarking Dublin

Funded by: The Office of International Relations and Research, Dublin City Council (2010)

Researchers: Peter Taylor, Ben Derudder and Michael Hoyler


This workshop took the form of a dialogue on Dublin's position in the world city network linking the distinctive understanding of cities offered by GaWC and the identified need of the city of Dublin for collaboration and networking with other cities across the world.

The workshop took place on January 25th 2010 based upon the following programme:


Introduction to the workshop

Where is Dublin? Who are Dublin's peers?

The GaWC perspective on cities in globalization


How cities relate to each other: competition and/or cooperation

Discussion of overall GaWC results on the world city network, 2000-2008

Where is Dublin in the world city network?

Coffee Break

Who are Dublin's peers? Benchmarking Dublin

Complexity, caveats and concluding thoughts


For results of this project, see Benchmarking Dublin: Dialogue on Dublin's Position in the World City Network.