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Spaces of Business Education and the (Re)production of Financial Theory in Practice

Funded by: ESRC (2008-2009)

Grant holder: Sarah Hall (University of Nottingham)
Research Associate: Lindsey Appleyard

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Postgraduate business education and training has been identified by both academics and policy-makers as an important way of producing a skilled labour force that is seen as vital to maintaining London's competitive position as a leading international financial centre.  However, relatively little is known about the nature of the links between such education and financial services practice.  This research will address this oversight by providing a theoretically informed assessment of the importance of professional financial education provided by business schools, specialist training companies and professional associations in shaping financial services practice.  It will focus on the post-graduate education and training of corporate financiers working in London's financial services district.

The research will use qualitative and quantitative methods including interviews, observation of business education courses, secondary data analysis and a survey of business education providers.  This data will be used to develop understandings of: the ways financial theories move into financial practice; the types of educational institutions involved in this movement; and, how financial theories change as they move from 'classroom' settings into practice.  It will also provide important information concerning the possibility for London to position itself as a leading centre of postgraduate, professional education.


For results of this project, see GaWC Research Bulletin 329.